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About Us

People with a passion for cars, customer service & building relationships

We Understand Cars

We understand the importance of customizing your car to your liking. We work with you to understand your vision and make it come to life. Each car is a unique and a masterpiece envisioned by its owner, we do our part to make your dream a reality. 


We understand when you are working on your car in time for your next event or car gathering. Regardless of the job, we want to make sure we provide with an accurate timeline of completion. This enables you to make sure your car will be ready when you need it.


We work very closely with our manufacturers to bring you the absolute lowest pricing possible. We regularly negotiate terms and pricing to enable affordability without compromising quality. We only work with tested and proven products by the best manufactuers.


We know how important it is to have products in stock and ready to be installed in a timely manner. We carry a variety of top selling items in our stock to enable you to have same day availability. We have an extended network of vendors that carry a large amount of stock. We can get these items within a day to reduce downtime.

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